One Song – Two Quadras: I’m Gonna Live Till I Die (Frank Sinatra vs Frankie Laine)

Written by

Gamma (Frank Sinatra – LIE)

Beta (Frankie Laine – IEI)

Frank Sinatra sings it in a cool, sophisticated manner (Te + Se + Fi + Ni), as if he is sipping champagne while casually leaning on the bar counter of a private members club.

Frankie Laine replaces the sophistication with directness and emotional engagement (Se + Fe + Ti) – he sounds like a man who’s got the urge to shout from a rooftop (Fe + Ni). He sings meaning every word in the most literal sense, living through every statement and infecting the listeners with the vigour (Fe + Se).

Sinatra’s sleek even vocals make the main statement of the song – that of “living the life to the fullest” – to mean “I am going to be extraordinary successful” (Te + Se), while Laine’s version is literal and screams “I am going to have the greatest time!!”





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